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WON Hi-Tech Gas Generator.... Produce Nitrogen and Oxygen OWN YOUR SITE. Simple, No Risk, Low Cost. Cut Out your gas purchase

Sung Shin air compressor...
an Innovative Ideas for Advanced Technology

Simple + Strong + Silent = FORT series.... Sung Shin oil injection compressor, maximize securty, efficiency and quality by optimized construction and development

WATER Z SCREW series... Water lubricated Oil-Free air compressor, ZW series never use oils, Eco-Friendly compressor

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PT. ATI provide solutions for Customer Care in order to perform, Procurement and Repair Air Compressor with a more efficient, economical and good quality.

Currently one of our fabricated products, namely the Water Cooler, have become standard products Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor (Piston type).

Supported by our experienced Experts in the field of Air Compressor, Customer will get a solution, satisfaction and a Reasonable Price.

As a one stop shopping compressed air system resources, customers who have been comfortable and satisfied with our services from various industries such as: Textile, Glass, Automotive, food and beverages, pharmacy, Paper, Plastics, Packaging and more.

In keeping with our motto, Comfort and tranquility as well as our customer satisfaction guarantee because we provide a warranty on all products we supply.


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